New Church Name

Rationale For The New Amalgamated “Church” Name
Process: After fielding 131 submitted names and explanations, the Naming Committee met virtually to discern from those submitted. Names were tested, searched for associations to other structures with similar names, possible negative connotations, and potential acceptance from a
broad range of people. Ultimately, we were taken with the following and recommend the  name:
Broad View United
“Broad View to me implies openness, inclusivity, diversity, all pillars of our church. ‘Simple’ name. Not intimidating. Inviting. May trigger curiosity. And yes, geographically it sits on raised land.” – quote from a submission email
Here is the rationale and clarification for the name Broad View United:
● Clarity: Simply put, the name has “punch”; all 3 words are clear.
● Clarity: The separate 3 words distinguish the name from the Broadview publication
affiliated with the United Church of Canada; the magazine is a separate entity.
● Verbally: It rolls off the tongue lyrically and yet: BVU is lovely to write. eg emails
● Visually: The words offer a wide range of graphic and logo ideas
● Logistically: The domain is available in all forms as we discovered upon searching
● Logistically: Each word maintains distinct meaning even when compounded:
      ○ Domains: or .com and “hashtags”: #broadviewunited
● Philosophically: The 2 words both Broad and View are both literal & figurative
     ○ Literal: Members spoke of the view on this site being open and broad
     ○ Figuratively: A broad perspective on others underscoring our compassionate
walk through faith and our acceptance for others as a United Church congregation
● Psychologically: Appeals to a common or united vision: it modifies United as a
stand-alone as it captures our imaginations, defining our open minds as a congregation
 Psychologically: It creates a subtle yet recognizable association with the publication
even though it is spelled differently. This association is positive as it evokes social justice
journeys captured in the magazine. Additionally, we are not treading on any toes by
enjoying this association!
● Definitions & Association:
   ○ Broad adjective: covering a large number and wide scope of subjects or areas.
Similar : Inclusive, extensive, all-embracing, universal, eclectic, unlimited
   ○ View noun: Similar : Sight, perspective, range of vision, vision
Similar : Opinion, point of view, viewpoint, belief●Theologically: the name fits well with a progressive heart set
Spiritually: a broad view of life leads to compassion

The Naming Committee is grateful to the members of both congregations for all the caring and thoughtful responses and for their eager and willing involvement in this impactful process!-
-Kate Reston, Pat Ten Have, Val Bauld, Aziza Moqia, Dave Goosen