Summary of Site Requirements for New Church & Recommendation from Joint Council

Further information can be found in the November 2019 St. Aidan’s United Church & Cadboro Bay/Gordon Head United Church Amalgamation Proposal

Summary of site requirements

No single property, in its current configuration, meets all of the needs for our new vision

Purchasing a new site is possible, but not recommended due to the time needed to zone for church activities

Re-imagining and renovating is required to create a space for our neighbourhood to regional church vision to flourish

What do we have?What does our new vision need and Recommendation
All three sites have sufficient worship space.   Building Size: St. A’s 27,600 sqft; CBUC 13,600 sqft; GHUC 11,800 sq ft.  Worship space – for traditional and new styles   Program space for a robust, diverse, all ages program – St. A’s larger site is recommended
All 3 churches are 2 levels:  St. A’s and GHUC have sanctuary and related rooms built over a basement level; both are wheelchair accessible with elevator. CBUC is 2 level built on slab with upstairs rooms accessible only by stairs  Desirable space for partnerships (building and room configuration)   St. A’s internal layout and accessible location is seen as desirable by potential partners therefore we recommend it                
St. A’s has an accredited commercial kitchen. CBUC and GHUC both need kitchen upgrades  An accredited commercial kitchen gives more scope for community involvement as well as an ability to make and serve gatherings around food. Therefore: St. A’s site is recommended  
GHUC: Walk Score (36/100), Transit (41/100) and is somewhat bikeable (44/100). CBUC: Walk Score (41/100), Transit (44/100) with bike scoring not available.  St. A’s: Walk Score (79/100), Transit (56/100) and is very bikeable with a score of 79/100.  These scores are from the 2019 Walk Score website.  Accessible by transit & walking and biking. Based on these Walkability, public transportation and bikeability scores   Again, St. A’s site is recommended based on these scores indicating it is very walkable and bikeable with multiple and frequent public transportation  
CBUC has the most parking stalls, and GHUC has the next number. St. A’s has the least amount of parking stalls, but has additional 26 parking spots within a one block radius and 2 additional public parking lots within a 2 block radius.  Sufficient parking is part of the vision CBUC and GHUC both have larger lots.   We wonder what parking needs will be in 10-20 years as green awareness prevails.    Based on other factors, St. A’s has adequate parking  
All three sites are in the east half of Saanich, and St. Aidan’s location is closest to the centre. GHUC lies within an area where least population change is anticipated. CBUC’s is similar to GHUC, but is within a short distance from a “village” node. St. A’s is near the Shelbourne-Cedar Hill “neighbourhood centre” where more significant change and densification is expected.  Central Location in the region and population density   We recommend the St. A’s location because of increased population density and services already occurring and plans underway in Saanich to increase these
St. Aidan’s is in relatively good condition, with recent infrastructure   updating. CBUC and GHUC require more infrastructure updating.A building with few significant maintenance costs anticipated   We recommend the St. A’s site in this category  
Real Estate Values by professional appraisers show these values: St. A’s $3M as of May 2019; CBUC $2.2M and GHUC $1.8 M both as of Mar, 2016  Preserving a legacy for future generations   Recommend keeping the property with highest appraised value for future generations  
All Properties are zoned in the P1 (Public Assembly) and St. A’s is P1R (Public Assembly Restricted)The restriction is: Bingos, Casinos, and any other activity involving gambling or betting whether carried on for profit or not.  This will not be a limiting factor in the Vision we wish to live  

Recommendation:  After considering the abundance of what we have, and weighing the needs of the future, the Joint Council recommends that the St. Aidan’s site be used as the permanent site for the Neighbourhood to Regional Vision. While the St. Aidan’s site is deconstructed and renovated, the current CBUC site would be used as a temporary site.

A Congregational Q and A Gathering will be held Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 7 pm at CBUC to discuss the above recommendation around site selection.