Site Selection Report

Site Selection Report to Joint Councils’ Meeting of Oct. 30th 2019

We recommend that the temporary location for the amalgamated church will be CBUC site

We recommend that the permanent location be the St. Aidan’s Site.

When the time is appropriate the Gordon Head site will be sold.

The criteria for the selection:

  • Location in Saanich
  • Land Use  and Density
  • Public Transportation
  • Walkability
  • Building Condition
  • Building Spaces/Configuration
  • Highest Value Asset
  • Parking
  • Potential off-site Parking
  • Visibility
  • OCP

Location in Saanich

The ideal location for a regional church would be at the most central point in the district (e.g. Saanich City Hall / Uptown Centre vicinity).  All three sites are in the east half of Saanich but St. Aidan’s location (shown with blue banner) is closest to the centre.


Land Use and Density

Both CBUC and GHUC are surrounded by  relatively stable, low density housing and green space.





St. Aidan’s is bordered on its north and east by stable low density housing and green space, on the south by medium density apartments, on the west, in the Shelbourne Valley by redeveloping commercial and institutional land uses.

Building Condition

St. Aidan’s is in relatively good condition, with recent updating e.g. to heating and interior finishes. It’s roof is sound for short term but will need upgrading in mid-term. CBUC and GHUC show the effects of deferred maintenance. (See Asset Management  team reports.)

Building Spaces/Configuration

Both St. Aidan’s and GHUC are 2 levels with sanctuary and related rooms built over a basement level; both are wheelchair accessible. CBUC is one level built on slab. (For detailed comparison of space use and capacities see Asset Management  team report.)


Both GHUC and CBUC benefit by siting on relatively busy collector roads with transit service. CBUC is also on a tourist scenic drive enjoying a relatively high level of landmark status.

St. Aidan’s has 3 street frontages but because all are low traffic, local streets, it has very limited public visibility except from the scenic summit of nearby Mount Tolmie Park.

Official Community Plan 2008

In terms of future land use changes and densification, GHUC lies within an area where least change is anticipated. CBUC’s shares GHUC’s traits for its immediate surroundings but is within a short distance from a “village” node where limited development is anticipated.  St. Aidan’s lies on the eastern edge of the Shelbourne-Cedar Hill “neighbourhood centre” where more significant change and densification is expected.

Plan excerpts:

“Neighbourhood Centres … provide … range of commercial and service options, primarily focused on the needs of the immediate neighbourhood.  A Neighbourhood Centre is typically served by at least two bus routes and includes a range of multiple family housing.

Neighbourhood Centres include: …Cedar Hill (intersection of Shelbourne Street and Cedar Hill Cross Road, including sections of Shelbourne Street).”

Villages are small local nodes, with a historical basis, that meet local residents’ basic commercial and

service needs. They also provide a limited amount of multiple family housing, and are typically serviced

by a single bus route. Villages include: Cadboro Bay…

“Support the following building types and land uses in Major and Neighbourhood “Centres”:

ƒ Townhouse (up to 3 storeys)

ƒ Low-rise residential (up to 4 storeys)

ƒ Mid-rise residential (up to 8 storeys)

ƒ Live/work studios & Office (up to 8 storeys)

ƒ Civic and institutional (generally up to 8 storeys)

ƒ Commercial and Mixed-Use (generally up to 8 storeys)


Support the following building types and uses in “Villages”:

ƒ Small lot single family houses (up to 2 storeys)

ƒ Carriage/coach houses (up to 2 storeys)

ƒ Town houses (up to 3 storeys)

ƒ Low-rise residential (3-4 storeys)

ƒ Mixed-use (commercial/residential) (3-4 storeys)

ƒ Civic and institutional (generally up to 3 storeys)…”

Official Community Plan Map 4 Urban Containment & Villages & Centres

Official Community Plan Map 14 Transit Network


Item4180 Tyndall Ave.2625 Arbutus Rd.3703 St. Aidan’s St.
Walkability36  Car-dependent 41 Car Dependent79 Very Walkable
Transit41 Some Transit, Bus # 27, 28,12 within .2 km44 Some Transit – bus # 11 & 13 within .2 km56 Good Transit  bus # 14, 27, 28 within .2 km
Biking72 Very BikeableNo rating79 Very Bikeable
Parks3 Sierra, Tyndall, & Blair Parks3- Benson, Arbutus, Phyllis Parks3 – Rendle Green, Horner & Mt. Tolmie Parks
Density 83% single family house, 6% townhouse, 7% apartmentApartments
Residents Feels like a Village to ResidentsFeels like