Q & A: 

Will staff be let go in this process?

It is a priority for our new amalgamated church to have positions for all of our current ministry staff. While there may be some overlap and shifting of job descriptions for administrative and contract staff, we will do our best to retain where we can.  Any layoffs will follow BC employment standards for compensation

How will [the congregants] fit in the CBUC sanctuary during construction?

We will likely have different services at different times on Sunday and we wont be trying in either location to combine the congregations into one service.  Both spaces can adequately handle what the average attendance is for either service. 

How will the staff fit into the existing office space at CBUC or St Aidan’s?

Some core staff will continue to have their own offices while some part-time staff will have shared offices.  Some staff need less office space and time due to what their job entails.  Both in the temporary site during renovation and in the permanent site, accommodations will be made to enable staff to do their job with the tools they need. 

Was any consideration given to building a new on one of the three sites?

We are looking to renovate, rather than build from new at the St. Aidan’s site.  Building an entirely new structure would mean more time until we could move in.  It would also mean generating more waste material.  We would prefer to work with what we have as much as we can; while still enabling a new feel for the site. The St Aidan’s building has been well maintained and has some interesting features we want to maintain.  For more information about why this site, please see the site selection document under the “ Amalgamation proposal” tab. 

What will the government structure of our new church look like?

The new government structure is unlikely to be the same as the current government structure at either church.  The Project Management team and the Joint Council together with a consultant that specializes in governance structure,  will create a new governance model that will both enable us to be lead in a new way and fall within the parameters set out by the United Church of Canada.  This final form will then need the approval of the newly amalgamated congregation and the Pacific Mountain Region. 

What will happen to the St Aidan’s Thrift Shop?  

The Thrift Shop will continue, although there will be differences.  A Thrift store board has been appointed to help guide and shape this into a social enterprise that can accommodate the changing landscape of such retail and incorporate some new initiatives.  

What happens to the Arts Calibre school and the Lambrick Park preschool at Gordon Head?

At this time, renters in both properties have been informed of the amalgamation and that the site of St. Aidan’s will be our new home.  As to our plans for the other two properties and the timeline for moving to a completed new site, current renters have been told that we will share information with them as decisions are made.  Both schools have been told that the Gordon Head site will be available to them for the 2020-2021 school year.

What happens to the groups who rent space in our buildings throughout the week?

At this time, renters in all properties have been informed of our plans to amalgamate and to use St. Aidan’s as the site of our new home.  As to our plans for the other two properties and the timeline for moving to a completed new site, current renters have been told that we will share information with them as decisions are made.  A matrix for partnership and rentals has been created and this will help guide our decision making regarding building use, rentals etc in the future configuration. 

What is the current update on Small Group Ministry given the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Just prior to the outbreak in Mid-March, we had our first gathering for our Small Group Facilitators. Currently we have 18 facilitators on board poised to lead 13 groups (Eight themed groups and 5 Basic groups). 92 congregants in total have been matched to a group, while a small percentage of people remain to be matched. Facilitators are now meeting by Zoom, and are contacting their group members to discern if some groups may launch electronically until they can meet in person.  

What happened to our input from the January session about Core Values? 

All of the input was tabulated and correlated and worked in where appropriate to various parts of the strategic plan.  Some of the feedback helped synthesize the Core Values into 3 with subsets.  Some of the feedback became part of the goals for the new congregation.  These are all under the strategic plan tab.

New Church Name

Rationale For The New Amalgamated “Church” Name
Process: After fielding 131 submitted names and explanations, the Naming Committee met virtually to discern from those submitted. Names were tested, searched for associations to other structures with similar names, possible negative connotations, and potential acceptance from a
broad range of people. Ultimately, we were taken with the following and recommend the  name:
Broad View United
“Broad View to me implies openness, inclusivity, diversity, all pillars of our church. ‘Simple’ name. Not intimidating. Inviting. May trigger curiosity. And yes, geographically it sits on raised land.” – quote from a submission email
Here is the rationale and clarification for the name Broad View United:
● Clarity: Simply put, the name has “punch”; all 3 words are clear.
● Clarity: The separate 3 words distinguish the name from the Broadview publication
affiliated with the United Church of Canada; the magazine is a separate entity.
● Verbally: It rolls off the tongue lyrically and yet: BVU is lovely to write. eg emails
● Visually: The words offer a wide range of graphic and logo ideas
● Logistically: The domain is available in all forms as we discovered upon searching
● Logistically: Each word maintains distinct meaning even when compounded:
      ○ Domains: Broadviewunited.ca or .com and “hashtags”: #broadviewunited
● Philosophically: The 2 words both Broad and View are both literal & figurative
     ○ Literal: Members spoke of the view on this site being open and broad
     ○ Figuratively: A broad perspective on others underscoring our compassionate
walk through faith and our acceptance for others as a United Church congregation
● Psychologically: Appeals to a common or united vision: it modifies United as a
stand-alone as it captures our imaginations, defining our open minds as a congregation
 Psychologically: It creates a subtle yet recognizable association with the publication
even though it is spelled differently. This association is positive as it evokes social justice
journeys captured in the magazine. Additionally, we are not treading on any toes by
enjoying this association!
● Definitions & Association:
   ○ Broad adjective: covering a large number and wide scope of subjects or areas.
Similar : Inclusive, extensive, all-embracing, universal, eclectic, unlimited
   ○ View noun: Similar : Sight, perspective, range of vision, vision
Similar : Opinion, point of view, viewpoint, belief●Theologically: the name fits well with a progressive heart set
Spiritually: a broad view of life leads to compassion

The Naming Committee is grateful to the members of both congregations for all the caring and thoughtful responses and for their eager and willing involvement in this impactful process!-
-Kate Reston, Pat Ten Have, Val Bauld, Aziza Moqia, Dave Goosen

Building Re-Design

Seeking input on the building redesign project:

 Hi Folks :

As we move forward toward the day when our two congregations will have their new home together in what is currently the St. Aidan’s campus, our Building Redesign Committee is working to shape the directions that will be taken.   As you might imagine, there will be many things to consider and decisions to be made over time.  Right now, at this very early stage of the committee’s work, we want to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts.  The committee wants to get a general sense of what is important to the congregations both in terms of worship space and other church activities and uses.

We realize that right now, in the midst of a time of social change and self-isolation, some may feel they have extra time to share their ideas and others might feel they want to wait.  We understand this and want you to know that this opportunity to provide input will not be the only avenue that will be used as the space is redesigned.  However,  any thoughts  you can share now will be very useful as the design thinking gets underway.

We invite you to respond to this email with your comments on the questions below.  If you don’t have ideas for all of them that’s fine – please provide whatever information you want.  To submit your thoughts, please reply to this email by April 15th

 Your thoughts on the spaces you are now using:

  • What adjectives would you use to describe your ideal church building? (ie. Light and bright, mysterious, quiet and sacred…)
  • When you think about the space where you worship on Sundays, what stands out as the features that are most important or meaningful to you?  In other words, what are the most positive things about the space?  What is it about these things that make these features important to you?
  • When you think about the spaces where you participate in church related activities other than worship, what stands out as the features that are most important or meaningful to you?  In other words, what are the most positive things about the space?  What is it about these things that make these features important to you?
  • For the worship space and/or the church activity spaces, what challenges or issues have you experienced?  How have these impacted you?

Your thoughts as we move toward our redesigned space:

  • What features are most important to you in the redesigned space that the merged congregations will use for worship and other activities?
  • What attributes might our revisioned church facility need to be able to be of service to the community at large :

Anything else?

  • Do you have any other thoughts you wish to share with the Building Redesign Committee at this time?

Thank you for your input! 

Please send your responses to  buildingreimage@cadbayuc.org

Mark Anthony

Mike Emme

Faye Schmidt

Marilyn Poutanen

Cheryl Black

Mark Green


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